The Fiften Biggies by Leonard D. Orr


The biggies are the major sources of trauma to the human mind and body. Working on healing these consciousness factors intentionally and consciously can accelerate our healing and spiritual growth. These insights give shape and meaning to our personal self-improvement process. This is the basic job of every incarnation. Succeeding at this enables us to function as a conscious Spirit. It seems to take 50 to 100 years if we are working at it with the right principles. Otherwise we stay on the wheel of karma until we learn enough to succeed. Succeeding at this is real success. Giving people the skills to do this is the goal of all my trainings and writings. It is amazing how much people actually accomplish in the 9 Day Training, but it is still just an introduction to perhaps a more rapid healing process.

Self-healing is a great adventure. We have to learn how to pace ourselves. if we try to do too much we can be overwhelmed. Since is seems to take 50 to 100 years to achieve total personal healing of the traumas of the human condition, we can take our time. Some ways are better and faster than others. The basic process starts somewhere, usually where we are most stuck. As we succeed in healing one thing, it creates space in our mind for the next thing to reach our attention.

Birth trauma is totally abstract until we discover it in the feeling states of our daily life. The death urge is also totally abstract and seems irrelevant until we discover how it is working in our daily life. Watching and being able to control our feelings is perhaps the most important thing for us humans. If we don’t control our feelings, we can be dangerous to ourselves and others. Learning objectivity about our own feelings is a great sign of mastery of ourselves. We are feeling all day long. Understanding these feelings and controlling them and knowing where they come from is most important.

For example, if we feel bad when we wake up in the morning, it could be from birth trauma or the way we were treated by our parents around getting to school on time. Connecting a cause and effect relationship of our feelings to one of the fifteen biggies, can be a valuable insight the makes health, happiness, and success much easier.

Controlling our feelings is a big deal – maybe the biggest deal of our mental and physical and spiritual health.

1. Birth trauma

We have become aware of the impact of birth trauma on physical and emotional problems. The impact of birth causes many effects in our daily life, until we heal our memories of our birth trauma. It creates the common cold and how we feel every morning when we wake up. The events surrounding birth: prenatal impressions, and early infancy are included in this study. Asthma, migraines, and epilepsy are other common symptoms that are often birth related and can be healed when we heal our birth trauma memories. Headaches are often caused by deprivation of oxygen to the brain when the umbilical cord was cut too soon. Too soon may be less than two hours. Atrophy during 2 years of infancy can cause all kinds of laziness and debilitating conditions. Atrophy is a limiting pattern our whole lives, if we don’t heal it. It is the basic cause of senility and aging symptoms.

If you don’t have total recall of your birth, you have birth trauma and it affects you every day, including your relationships and money case. Rebirthing breathwork is a fast way to heal this.

2. The parental disapproval syndrome

This controls all kinds of feelings and behaviors until we heal it. Most people disapprove or punish their children the same way they were treated by their parents. These unconscious patterns are passed on generation after generation. We tend to act out our resentment toward our parents in all of our relationships, until we heal it. Most parents seem to damage or destroy the natural divinity of their children. We are the victims of our conditioning until we become free.

Anger, depression, frustration, and many other attitudes are established during our early relationships to our parents. We use the abbreviation a lot – PDS. Birth trauma and PSS can land people in prison or make them violent. Lack of breast feeding can make men violent against women.

3. The misuse of the power of the human mind

If the above two sources of human trauma were not enough, we create our own negative thoughts and conclusions to punish ourselves with and create more problems. Life is difficult, dangerous, etc., are examples. The mind often flips from positive to negative. We have to regain control of our mind. Meditation means to control or integrate the mind and to learn how to enter the transcendental state beyond the mind and become the Source of the mind. The silence is the greatest power and is the only Source of real freedom. It is a great secret to controlling our feelings.
In the Silence we can see our feelings more clearly.

4. The unconscious death urge consists of all of our anti-life thoughts and feelings. 

It is a psychic entity that has intelligence and an urge to survive at the expense of the host. The unconscious death urge resists change and creates all kinds of self-sabotaging behavior patterns. Obviously, depression, suicidal feelings, anger, despair, discouragement, helplessness, betrayal, and hopelessness can come from the death urge. It basically works according to family tradition, but it can be very complicated. Life insurance companies are based on the idea that you will die the same age of your parent of the same sex. They also study exceptions. Hopelessness and helplessness are its hallmarks. At least one of our associates took 6 months out of a very busy career to heal his personal death urge. His career accelerated after this. For some people healing it is easy and for others it is very difficult. We usually require support from people who have already healed this. This is one of the values of the One Year Seminar.

We have developed several sets of affirmations to assist us in healing our death urge. Suicide has become a national health disease in all age groups. Healing the death urge is very important.

There are many interesting patterns. Single women live longer than married women. Married men live longer than single men. It is common for children to die the same year as grandparents. Pets often take on the death urge of their owners and die to save them, but it rarely works. Understanding and healing the death urge is basic to great human existence. It is ok to be a beautiful human being.

Most people have so much pride in their deathist belief system that death is inevitable and beyond their control, and they are willing to die for this false belief. The Bible has 5 cases of people who conquered death, The Taoist over 10,000, the yogis many more. Death has no power except what we give it in our own mind. We create our own death and the path to the grave. We can choose to heal it. It can have great impact on our basic feelings in our daily life, it is important to heal it for us, our family and world peace.

5. Karma from past lives. 

Few people know much about the history of their own soul. It is becoming more popular to do past life regression to retrieve this information and study the causes of things in this life that comes from previous lives. This truly is a real biggie. If we have had over 1000 lifetimes, we would have to heal the impact of at least one every day for at least 3 years to catch up with ourselves. Lots of research has been done about the space between lives and it is becoming more common for children to remember their previous families and how exactly they got here. They remember choosing their parents, conception, life in-utero, their birth, and early childhood. And some children even remember their life in heaven. Most adult are still in the dark. And don’t understand how past lives are influencing them and their lives.

In the Bible, God orders the Hebrews to slaughter whole nations of people specifically saying to kill men, women, and children, even animals. We can assume that God knows their karma and why they should be killed. Perhaps we were involved in this and it has an impact on our world view and personal experience. We can assume that likewise, when Muslims wipe out all the Christians, Jews, or fellow Muslims that they don’t agree with, that they are somehow exercising Karmic justice. But we don’t have the right to exercise God’s justice. Likewise, when Christian nations kill hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children with their bombing campaigns, we wonder what is really going on? This also has to stop.

How much of this is death urge or past life karma?

Moses used psychic power or spiritual power to kill the first-born of all the Egyptians to free the Israelites from slavery. But is this related to Herod killing the first-born of the Jews at the time of Christ? Is there a karmic relationship here? Even the angel Michael said that it is only God who has the right to exercise Divine justice. It is our job to practice the Ten Commandments and the Two Great Commandments of love. High quality ethics is basic to our personal liberation, like vegetarianism. People eating dead animals get eaten by them in the form of cancer and other diseases caused by the bugs than breed when we eat dead animals.

What about religious murder done by the Catholic inquisitions and the Naziz during World War 2, especially? What about American Indian genocide. Karma is a thorny problem. It can trouble a lot of intelligent people. It often affects our own family relationships. Pursuing this avenue of self-improvement through past life regression can be very rewarding. We may have been married to the same person before.

If we don’t learn from history, we tend to repeat it. The betrayal and murder of the various kings of Israel after Solomon, recorded in the Bible was repeated by the kings of Europe in the Middle Ages. The Bible is very rich in all kinds of knowledge and self- realization. So also are all the other great Scriptures.

6. School trauma.

Many people were emotionally damaged by school experiences. This includes often the destruction of our natural love of knowledge, forming a low self-image, and unnatural conformity. Having schools that are dedicated to protecting the natural divinity of children is a new idea. Many countries still practice freedom of religion in their public schools. Why is the Untied States so backward? The study of comparative religions and their Scriptures can be basic to high quality education on all levels.

7. Religion trauma. 

This includes false concepts of God, false concepts about ourselves, and the world. Doctrinal systems tend to put God in a box. He or She never fits. The study of comparative religions and all of the great Scriptures is very beneficial for our mental health and our spiritual growth.

Studying the Bible is a good idea, studying the Koran is a good idea. Studying the Shiva Purana, Ramayana, and other great Scriptures is a great idea. Jesus said, ”Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” This is a big job that can keep us busy for a long time. The shortest gospels of Jesus are only 20 pages in most Bibles. It is a shame that most Christians don’t even read these 20 pages. It would be great if all people actually knew what is recorded that Jesus said and did. It would be great if we all valued the great Scriptures, had them in our personal library, and studied them more that watching TV. Many of them are also in audio and video form.

People, who put God in a box also damage children and other adults, as well as themselves. The popularity of death shows that most people never recover from this damage. Death is not an accident and God doesn’t kill people. Everyone creates their own death with their own mind and habits.

8. Senility.

Senility and aging are considered the end of life, instead of a new beginning. Senility is just another stage of life in which we have the opportunity to heal everything we haven’t healed yet. It is just a stage of life like childhood and being a teenager. This is a new and revolutionary idea for most people. Senility and aging can be healed. We can master the youthing process as well as the aging process.

Senility is spontaneous regression to infancy – time to wear diapers again. If we are wise enough, we don’t have to take senility seriously. It is possible to allow our natural Divinity to wash it out of our consciousness and be succeeded by the rejuvenation and the youthing process. Youthing can be as natural as aging when we don’t get trapped in a belief system about aging and death. Some of us as well as many immortal masters have lived through senility and survived aging as easily as we lived through being a teenager or childhood. There is no reason to think of senility and old age as the end, but we can think of it as the final exam of the human condition, we either pass or we pass away.

Senility is a natural opportunity to heal everything that we haven’t healed yet. It is not a superficial process. We have to learn and practice all the self-healing skills we can find.

One member of our group took five years out of a busy successful career to devote full time attention to healing senility. He was non-functional, very unproductive during this healing process, but he succeeded. After becoming a senility graduate, he went on to reach new heights of success in his career. Senility can be temporary and we can out-live it. This aspect of life is not a superficial thing, it takes intelligence and wisdom.

Maybe old people are just people stuck in old ideas? Surviving senility may be a new idea for you? It is obviously essential to make physical immortality practical. Contemporary pictures of Jesus, Mary, and Babaji illustrate that aging is just a temporary stage. The idea of physical immortality is very valuable to think about. It has a philosophy, a psychology, and a physiology. We can master them all. Have you started yet?

9. Denial of the feminine qualities in women as well as men. 

We may have lost gentleness, softness, and sensitivity. Women deserve immeasurable respect. Generally, women are better communicators than men. Women tend to live longer than men. The Divine Mother is the Energy of the Universe. She is the Source of the mind. The Energy is the Source and power of the mind, the Mind is the director of that energy.

The Divine Mother is the Source of Life in every person. She is our basic Savior.

10. The world savior syndrome is the misuse of the masculine principle. 

We may feel that our way is the best way and the only way. We tend to be arrogant and impose our ideas on everyone else. Arrogance is a very ugly trait. Arrogance is a major trait of the world savior syndrome. These people think they can or should control other people.

People who teach physical immortality desire to be the one to save humanity and get all the credit for it. They hate their competition and even wish that their competitors will die, so they can be the one. The human tendency for self-delusion is amazing.

The Buddhist idea of, ‘may all souls be liberated and be happy’ is a better idea. However, many people resent or fear the idea that some people they don’t like might be around forever. We don’t like our enemies to be happy. Some people seem addicted to having an enemy.

There is the world of the Spirit, the world of the Mind, and the world of Matter- the physical body and the physical universe. We have to master the three worlds. The confusion comes in when we realize as Babaji says, “The mind is the supreme God. We can only know Being with the assistance of the mind.” The problem comes when we forget that everyone has the same Divine Mind, especially when they are not using it in a Divine way. All knowledge is created with the Mind, including destructive knowledge. The two basic functions of the mind are to create and destroy. We have to use both of these functions intelligently and ethically.

11. Sexual abuse.

It is amazing how many families have sexual abuse, not only of girls, but also of boys. The idea of self-control and appropriateness is lost in some families. There are also invasions of the space and privacy of children and abuse of respect and dignity of children, not to mention their natural divinity and freedom. Some adults feel that they have the right to abuse their children. It is best to use persuasion rather than threats and force with children. They deserve this time and respect that it takes to reach their mind.
I never had to use force with my children, because I believe they are more intelligent than I.

12. Fear of strangers. 

Most of our lives involves dealing with strangers. Early programming about this can inhibit us and cause tension and stress for a lifetime. It motivates most people to become employees instead of employers. We have the right to distrust people until they have earned our trust. Perhaps most people would rather have only one employer to distrust than many customers.

13. Political apathy. 
People who don’t participate in politics, community, and government are mentally retarded and socially retarded. This can be very self-destructive. Look at the mess our country is in. It is time to practice the idea of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. People who don’t rule themselves and their community are asking to be ruled by others. People who don’t participate in politics are ruled by the people who do. Political apathy is an extension of victim consciousness.

14. Food trauma.

Most people seem to kill themselves with their fork. I haven’t met any immortal masters yet who habitually eat dead animals. We have to understand cause and effect relationships of what we eat and they are not usually immediate. Healing food trauma takes plenty of intelligence and self-control. We all seem to have hand to mouth disease. Fasting is very powerful. Just fasting one day per week makes eating the other six days twice as pleasurable. Fasting one day per week is a valuable discipline for health. It tends to give us more control on the other days. Psychologists say the amount we eat is directly proportional to the number of people at the table. We can be carried away by other people’s appetite.

15. The biggest biggie is emotional energy pollution from other people.

Other people’s energy starts to form our mind and emotional life when we are in the womb. Children often get various kinds of sickness when they attend school. History has many cases where indigenous populations were wiped out by the illnesses of invading Europeans. All kinds of negativity can be absorbed during non-verbal communication, including the death urge. Children and pets sometimes die to save other members of the family.

We tend to learn our feelings directly and we experience life and people through our feelings. Being aware and measuring feeling is an important key to life.

Although we are healers with lots of experience in healing ourselves and others, we are emotionally honest enough to know that we still have a lot of work to do on ourselves. We have served a few million friends, students, and clients. Yet we know that we still may have tons of rage suppressed inside of us from all the major events of our conditioning – our biggies. This rage comes from real or imagined injustices that we experienced in this life and other lifetimes in which we were either the victim or the aggressor. To think clearly about ourselves without the feedback of other wise and intuitive peers, as well as anyone who mirrors our inner feelings, is very difficult. We all tend to be victims of self-delusion. Community is very valuable for our healing process.

The children in our lives can be invaluable therapists who act out our inner feelings so we can see them more clearly. Animals sometimes also can play this role for us. They can magnify our fears, our joys, and sometimes our goals. All of life is our feedback machine. Unfortunately, when adults are unconscious of these basic self-improvement principles, they sometimes punish children instead of being grateful to them for being mirrors.

We require a lot of patience. Giving ourselves 50 or 100 years to heal the emotional mind may be conservative. It may take us much longer. The goal is to actually see reality, rather than our projection on reality. To see the truth about others, instead of reacting to their behavior is more difficult than most people realize. On-going friendships and relating to people in all of the contexts of an active and healthy life is always an opportunity to heal everyone involved. The alternative is to continue on the wheel of karma through deaths and births, and births and deaths. Healing is a very important aspect of a high quality Life.

There is a great immortal saint called Vishwamitra. His story is an amazing case of anger. It took him over 100,000 years to conquer his anger. Reading about him in the Scriptures about him is very interesting and encouraging to those of us who have an anger problem.

Emotional energy pollution or other people’s energy is invisible. It is feeling. We unconsciously absorb it whenever we are near people. We can use this fact for healing as well as for creating problems. When we work with spiritual purification practices with the elements daily, we tend to get rid of it on a daily basis, but certain kinds of EEP can stick to us. This includes information that resonates with our own patterns. Our chakras, our wheels of energy are constantly spinning and tend to spin off emotional energy pollution, but leaving our happiness to this can take many days, years, or even centuries. We have to become aware of the energy in our environment. We have to become sophisticated enough to know when we are receiving or giving energy and when we are getting rid of it with the basic spiritual purification practices. We have to constantly notice our feelings and figure out where they are coming from.

The practical knowledge of our Energy Body and how to clean it is perhaps the greatest wisdom.

Some people trained in psychic skills may think they are protecting themselves, but their guru belly phenomena reveals that they are not protecting themselves sufficiently.

Spiritual leaders, ministers, and gurus, business leaders and managers, supermarket checkers, airline personnel, psychologists, school teachers, reveal the effects of emotional energy pollution by the guru belly syndrome and other obvious symptoms. This is a form of victim consciousness and can be fatal. Truck drivers, laborers, and sometimes housewives tend to eat themselves to death or become stiff zombies. They may earn their obese looking bodies from food rather from emotional energy, but appetite and specific food cravings can come from the energy of other people.

Food abuse and emotional energy pollution can get all mixed up.


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